This is a blog about technology, politics, economics, and philosophy. It is something of an open notebook on the subject.

I’m quite conscious that this blog is informal. It is a ranty, or ideally conversational, blog. I reserve the right to write badly here. It is full of first impressions and therefore mistakes.

I often post notes about what I’m reading lately and how it connects with other ideas I’ve encountered. The writing here sometimes winds up being the raw material for more polished publications. Most of the time I’m writing here to try to figure something out.

This is me:

Sebastian Benthall

I am currently a scientific research engineer and technology policy scholar. I work on Econ-ARK, an open source toolkit for structural modeling in Economics. I am also a post-doc researcher at the Information Law Institute at NYU School of Law. I hold a PhD in Information Management and Systems from UC Berkeley. You can read more about my work on my professional web site.

I tweet as @sbenthall.

I live in New York with my wife.