90’s design and BlockPartyNYC

by Sebastian Benthall

It’s a rare treat when you stumble upon a web site that is a true relic of the 90’s.

So I was thrilled to discover a web site about New York City street fairs that appears to be regularly updated with new animated .gifs.

Incidentally, a friend and I discovered this site today when trying to see if there was any competition for TOPP’s new BlockPartyNYC site. I’m interested in how this site works out not just because I intend to crash a lot of block parties this summer, but also because it is a great example of a geodaki.

Unfortunately, it does not yet use any OpenGeo products–instead of GeoServer and OpenLayers, it uses a MySQL database and Google Maps. But it’s likely that later this year TOPP will adapt or rewrite that code to use open source geospatial software. The plan is to redeploy the software as a package for the NYCLU, as a way for concerned citizens to inform each other of the location of surveillance cameras in New York City.