Self referential metablogging about a horse

by Sebastian Benthall

I recently had an IRC chat with friend and colleague David Winslow. It is of zero consequence, but provides a convenient way of breaking my own ice.

[15:25] <sbenthall> you made a post in november which egregiously demonstrates [your] bash fu.
[15:25] <sbenthall> I should totally grab stuff from the #opengeo channel and use it for material
[15:26] <dwins> i like posting snippets from irc conversations
[15:26] <dwins> they don’t lose much in the translation if you choose carefully
[15:26] <sbenthall> yeah.
[15:26] <sbenthall> i keep thinking I should start blogging again
[15:27] <sbenthall> but for some reason fell off that horse
[15:27] <sbenthall> the blogging horse

Perhaps I can remount this thing.