Bash script for converting all .wav files in a directory to .mp3

by Sebastian Benthall

I’ve been working with music files lately trying to get Steve Morrell‘s music online. In the process I’ve had to convert his albums, which I’ve ripped in .wav format, to .mp3.

To accomplish this, I’ve written a short bash script. It’s requires a number of tricks I wasn’t familiar with and had to look up.


IFS=$(echo -en "\n\b")

for file in $(ls *wav)
  lame -V0 -h -b 160 --vbr-new $name.wav $name.mp3


Though it isn’t recommended, I did the for loop on ls because I wanted to limit it to .wav files. But that means the script chokes on file names with spaces unless you swap out the IFS variable.

I used LAME for the conversion.